Dota 2 - Omniknight Build Guide

Purist Thunderwrath was a hard-fighting, road-worn, deeply committed knight, sworn to the order in which he had grown up as squire to elder knights of great reputation. He had spent his entire life in the service of the Omniscience, the All Seeing One. Theirs was a holy struggle, and so embedded was he in his duty that he never questioned it so long as he had the strength to fight and the impetuous valor that comes with youth. But over the long years of the crusade, as his elders passed away and were buried in sorry graves at the side of muddy tracks, as his bond-brothers fell in battle to uncouth creatures that refused to bow to the Omniscience, as his own squires were chewed away by ambush and plague and bad water, he began to question the meaning of his vows--the meaning of the whole crusade. After deep meditation, he parted ways with his army and commenced a long trek back to the cave-riddled cliffs of Emauracus, and there he set a challenge to the priests of the Omniscience. No knight had ever questioned them before, and they tried to throw him into the pit of sacrifice, but Purist would not be moved. For as he faced them down, he began to glow with a holy light, and they saw that the Omniscience had chosen to reveal Itself to him. The Elder Hierophant led him on a journey of weeks down into the deepest chamber, the holy of holies, where waited not some abstract concept of wisdom and insight, not some carved relic requiring an injection of imagination to believe in, but the old one itself. It had not merely dwelt in those rocks for billions of aeons; no, It had created them. The Omniscience had formed the immense mineral shell of the planet around itself, as a defense against the numerous terrors of space. Thus the All Seeing One claimed to have created the world, and given the other truths revealed to Purist on that day, the knight had no reason to refute the story. Perhaps the Omniscience is a liar, deep in its prison of stone, and not the world's creator at all, but Omniknight never again questioned his faith. His campaign had meaning at last. And there can be no question that the glorious powers that imbue him, and give his companions such strength in battle, are real beyond any doubt.

Omniknight, is one of the best healer and life saver hero in DotA.. With this hero, your team is guaranteed for a long lasting teamfights, he has heal to restore HP, Repel to makes allies immune to magic, and also, the best skill: Guardian Angel to makes nearby allies invulnerable to all physical attacks. He is also tanky which means that he is hard to be killed.
Can make allies to physical-immue during the teamfightLong cooldown on Ultimate
Have skills the same as free BKBLow INT growth
TankyBecome weak if Silenced

Dota 2 - Omniknight Build Guide
Melee - Durable - Lane Support - Support

LEVEL 1 15 25
HIT POINTS 5301,235 2,118SIGHT RANGE1800 / 800
MANA 221 549 1,043ATTACK RANGE128
DAMAGE 51-61 88-98  135-145 MISSILE SPEEDN/A
ARMOR 4 8 13

1. Purification
Purification, Dota 2 - Omniknight Build Guide
Instantly heals a friendly unit and damages all nearby enemy units.
MANA COST: 100 / 120 / 140 / 160COOLDOWN: 12.0
DAMAGE: PURE RADIUS: 225 / 225 / 225 / 225
One of the greatest survivability spell in early-mid game, spam this skill for low-health allies.

2. Repel
Repel, Dota 2 - Omniknight Build Guide
Creates a powerful divine ward that blocks most magic from affecting a target unit.
MANA COST: 50 / 50 / 50 / 50COOLDOWN: 14.0
DURATION: 6 / 8 / 10 / 12
This skill can be removed by purge.
Makes the target immune to any magic, including your Purification, be careful to use it.
You can cast it for your carry before the teamfight starts, it will make him can slay the enemy while immune to magic.
You can use it for countering Axe's Battle hunger, Venomancer's poison, Warlock etc.

3.Degen Aura
Degen Aura, Dota 2 - Omniknight Build Guide
Greatly degenerates the movement and attack capabilities of enemy units that stray too near.
AFFECTS: ENEMIESRADIUS: 300 / 300 / 300 / 300
Nice skill for chasing enemies.

4. Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel, Dota 2 - Omniknight Build Guide
Omniknight summons a Guardian Angel that grants immunity from physical damage and greatly increases hit point regeneration of nearby allies.
MANA COST: 125 / 175 / 250COOLDOWN: 150.0
HEALTH REGEN: 25 / 25 / 25RADIUS: 600 / 600 / 600 
Start a teamfight with this skill.

Info: This skill can be removed by purge. (Who have the Purge: 
1.Diffusal Blade holder
2. Shadow Demon, and 
3. Satyr's (one of the jungle creep) ability

Dota 2 - Omniknight Build Guide

Level 1: Purification (For survivability from firstblood)
Level 2: Repel
Level 3: Purification
Level 4: Degen Aura
Level 5: Purification
Level 6: Guardian Angel
Level 7: Purification
Level 8: Degen Aura
Level 9 : Degen Aura
Level 10: Degen Aura
Level 11: Guardian Angel
Level 12: Repel
Level 13: Repel
Level 14: Repel
Level 15: Stats
Level 16: Guardian Angel
Level 17-25: Stats

Why Purification first?
For survivability from firstblood attempt for you and allies in early game.

Degen Aura should be maxed in mid game because in this state of the game it will be lots of ganking. This skill is absolutely needed for chasing and escaping. And Repel: a 1 level of Repel is enough to survive the early-mid game.

Samurai, Dota 2 - Omniknight Build Guide
Early Game
You are a support type hero, your job here is to support your carry player to farm as much as he can, you must make your carry safe from death, guard him, use your Purification. Save him although with your own life :)

Mid Game
Mid game is the ganking time! Everybody will roam around the map and find somebody to kill. It's your time to roam too. Don't forget to buy the Smoke of Deceit to hid from enemy's Observer Ward.

You have some ganking skill here. So if you want to initiate in a gank, what you need to do is:
1. Comunicate with your teammates about who should be ganked, you should focus fire on 1 hero in a gank, because if you don't communicate well you may attack the A person and your teammates attack the B person, and that is a bad gank and can lead to failure on getting the kill.
2. Prepare the items needed in the gank:
a. Use Smoke of Deceit
b. Prepare Dust, Sentry Wards, or Gem if you will gank an invisible hero like Rikimaru, Clinkz, or Nyx Assassin

Here your part is to support your carry in ganking or protect your carry on farming. You may use the Repel before the ganking starts. And if important, you will need the Guardian Angel to guard your team. Also don't forget to cast the Purification on low health ally.

Late Game
Tawuran, Dota 2 - Omniknight Build Guide
Late game is usually the time for a decisive teamfight. Your part here is to make sure your team is protected from any threat during teamfights. Use your ultimate Guardian Angel in the beginning of every teamfight, and use Repel for allies who doesn't have Black King Bar, and use Purification for every one who needs it, if you see the low Hp ally, use it on him. If you do your job correctly, victory is likely in the hand.

After your team won the teamfight, you have two options:
1. You can get the Aegis for your team's main hero or
2. Your team can push enemy base and destrouy their buildings. Choose wisely!

1. Soul Ring
Total cost: 800
Recipe: Ring of Regen + Sage's Mask
Soul Ring, Dota 2 - Omniknight Build Guide
Active: Sacrifice - Consume 150 HP to temporarily gain 150 Mana. Lasts 10 seconds.
+ 3 HP Regeneration + 50% Mana Regeneration
Cooldown: 30 seconds 
Why Soul Ring? It will meake your skill Purification spammable in every situation in early game(saves lives, farming, harassing).

2. Arcane Boots
Total cost: 1450
Recipe: Boots of Speed + Energy Booster
Arcane Boots, Dota 2 - Omniknight Build Guide
Active: Replenish Mana - Restores mana in an area around the hero.
Flat movement speed bonuses from multiple pairs of boots do not stack.
+ 60 Movement Speed
+ 250 Mana
Mana Needed: 25    Cooldown: 55
Why Arcane Boots? It will meake your skill Purification spammable in every situation in early game(saves lives, farming, harassing). And restores mana for allied heroes.

3. Mekansm
Total cost: 2306
Recipe: Headress + Buckler + Recipe
Mekansm, Dota 2 - Omniknight Build Guide
Active: Restore - Heals 250 HP and gives +2 armor in an area.
Passive: Mekansm Aura - Bonus HP Regen in an area.
Multiple instances of Mekansm Aura do not stack
+ 5 All Attributes
+ 5 Armor
Mana:150   Cooldown:45
Why Mekansm? Heal for all allies in AoE, is a must for teamfights.

4. Pipe of Insight
Total cost: 3628
Recipe: Hood of Defiance + Headress + Recipe
Pipe of Insight, Dota 2 - Omniknight Build Guide
Active: Barrier - Gives nearby friendly units a shield that blocks 400 spell damage.
Multiple instances of spell resistance from items do not stack.
+ 11 HP Regeneration
+ 30% Spell Resistance
Manacost: 100   Cooldown: 60
Why Pipe of Insight? Gives barrier for all allies in AoE that Block 400 spell damage, very useful, comboed with your Ultimate makes your team immune to anything.

5. Refresher Orb
Total cost: 5300
Recipe: Obilivion Staff + Preserverance + Recipe
Refresher Orb, Dota 2 - Omniknight Build Guide
Active: Reset Cooldowns - Resets the cooldowns of all your items and abilities.
+ 5 HP Regeneration
+ 200% Mana Regeneration
+ 40 Damage
+ 6 Intelligence
Manacost: 375   Cooldown: 160
Why Refresher? 2 Times Ultimate, your teamfights will be invulnerable from physical attack, very imbalance. But, before you buy, check your mana capacity, if enough, buy it, if not, don't buy it.

6. Shivs's Guard
Total cost: 4700
Recipe: Plate Mail + Mystic Staff + Recipe
Shiva's Guard, Dota 2 - Omniknight Build Guide
Active: Arctic Blast - Emits a freezing wave that does 200 damage to enemies and slows their movement by -40% for 4.0 seconds.
Passive: Freezing Aura - Reduces attack speed on enemies.
Multiple instances of Freezing Aura do not stack.
+ 30 Intelligence   + 15 Armor
Manacost: 100   Cooldown:   30
Why Shiva's? Make your slowing aura much more stronger + Arctic Blast (More Slow and 200 damage)

7.  Schyte of Vyse
Total cost: 5675
Recipe: Mystic Staff + Ultimate Orb + Void Stone
Schyte of Vyse, Dota 2 - Omniknight Build Guide

Active: Hex - Turns a target unit into a harmless critter for 3.5 seconds. Destroys illusions.
+ 10 Strength   + 10 Agility  + 35 Intelligence
+ 150% Mana Regeneration
Manacost: 100   Cooldown: 35
Why Schyte of Vyse? Very good item to initiate a teamfight. Use it after guardian angel is active

Slower Oriented build
Here I will provide a build that is oriented in making your opponent moving slower, so slow that you can chase them so easily or escape from them easily.
Orb of Venom, Dota 2 - Omniknight Build GuideJanggo, Dota 2 - Omniknight Build GuideSange&Yasha, Dota 2 - Omniknight Build GuideShiva's Guard, Dota 2 - Omniknight Build GuideEye of Skadi, Dota 2 - Omniknight Build Guide
note: upgrade Orb of Venom into Skadi cause Orb of Venom and Skadi do not stack
All of the items above makes the differenece between your movement speed and your foe's movement speed become so imbalanced. That makes you chase or escape so easily and kill your foe's easily. remember that you already have slower aura, that makes the thing so imbalanced in terms of differentiate of your movement speed and your opponent's movement speed.

Bad Enemies
1. Silencer
Silencer, Dota 2 - Omniknight Build Guide
If you are silenced, you become weak, you can't support your friends.

2. Lion 
Lion, Dota 2 - Omniknight Build Guide
Have 2 disables, 1 mana burner, 1 high-damage nuke.

3. Zeus
Zeus, Dota 2 - Omniknight Build Guide
Have many nukes that makes your ultimate seems useless.

Best Friends
All carry heroes like;
1. Magina
Anti Mage, Dota 2 - Omniknight Build Guide
High damage, fast, very good escaper

 2. Faceless Void
Faceless Void, Dota 2 - Omniknight Build Guide
Have chrono, makes enemies can't move under his chrono, try to use your ulty just after the chrono ends, makes your opponent in a very hard position because they can't attack.

3. Luna
Luna, Dota 2 - Omniknight Build Guide
Squishy carry, if you can make her live longer, she can wipe out all enemies because her high damage. The aura, bouncing attack, and her ultimate is so deathly

4. All carry from a to z
You can support all type of carry.

1. Diffusal Blade (and other purge: Satyr or Shadow Demon)
Diffusal Blade, Dota 2 - Omniknight Build Guide
Diffusal blade makes it holder can use purge which will remove Repel and Guardian Angel. This item is a perfect counter for Omniknight.

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