Dota 2 - Razor Build Guide

Among the emblematic powers that populate the Underscape, Razor the Lightning Revenant is one of the most feared. With his whip of lightning, he patrols the Narrow Maze, that treacherous webwork of passages by which the souls of the dead are sorted according to their own innate intelligence, cunning and persistence. Drifting above the Maze, Razor looks down on the baffled souls below, and delivers jolts of scalding electricity that both punish and quicken the souls as they decide their own fates, hurrying on toward luminous exits or endlessly dark pits. Razor is the eternal embodiment of a dominating power, abstract and almost clinical in his application of power. Yet he has a lordly air that suggests he takes a sardonic satisfaction in his work.

Razor is a carry hero that can be a good tanker while doing damages to enemies. He should tank all the damages while absorbing enemy's damage and damaging enemy using his spells and attacks. He have 2 good nukes. 1 Area nuke, 1 nuke that auto target the lowest Hp enemy. Although he is an Agility Carry, he should buy tanky items because he needs to be tanky and keep survive while he keep absorbing enemy's damage and he get that damage and use it to kills enemies. Razor, need to be a tank and dealing lots of damages.
Dota 2 - Razor Build Guide
Ranged - Carry - Durable - Nuker

HIT POINTS5491,0011,704SIGHT RANGE1800 / 800
MANA2475751,069ATTACK RANGExxx

1. Plasma Field
Plasma Field, Dota 2 - Razor Build Guide
Releases a wave of energetic plasma that grows in power as it expands, but also zaps on contraction, dealing damage to enemy units caught in its path. Damage increases with distance from Razor.
MANA COST: 125/125/125/125COOLDOWN: 14
DAMAGE MIN: 60 / 100 / 140 / 180DAMAGE MAX: 160 / 230 / 300 / 370
The Lightning Revenant rules the Underscape with plasmatic power.
This is your main nuke for the game. You can use this for farming, for harassing, for ganking, and teamfights.
Use this to farm faster because you're the carry of the team. You should damaging the enemy with all you have. This skill will reach the maximum potential if you can make enemy to touch the turning point of this skill.

2. Static Link
Static Link, Dota 2 - Razor Build Guide
Creates a charged link between Razor and an enemy Hero, stealing damage from the target and giving it to Razor.
MANA COST: 20/30/40/50COOLDOWN: 25
LINK DURATION: 8 / 8 / 8 / 8BUFF DURATION: 18 / 18 / 18 / 18
DAMAGE DRAIN RATE: 7 / 14 / 21 / 28
Razor's polarity channels electricity into his being, draining the power of his opposition.
This skill will deal lots of damages to enemies. This will increase your damage so much, 8x28=224 is the maximum damage you can absorb from enemy. With that maximum damage, enemy's damage will become: 0 and your damage will be +224. Thats a total win if you fight against a physical attack heroes. The physical attack heroes example: Mortred, Sven, Magina, Drow Ranger etc.
You can be a very good counter to physical attack's pick.

3. Unstable Current
Unstable Current, Dota 2 - Razor Build Guide
As Razor moves with increased speed, any abilites targeted on him are countered with an instant jolt of damaging and slowing electricity
DAMAGE: 40 / 70 / 100 / 130BONUS SPEED: 3% / 6% / 9% / 12%
SLOW DURATION: 0.4 / 0.8 / 1.2 / 1.6
Attacking the Lightning Revenant is rewarded with shock therapy.
Enemy that cast as single targetted spell to you, will receive a purge and will be slowed and receeived small damage. This skill is one of your defense skill, very good to make you can escape from enemies that try to use their single targetted spell to you. Example: Balanar, Zeus, etc.

4. Eye of the Storm
Eye of the Storm, Dota 2 - Razor Build Guide
A powerful lightning storm strikes out at enemy units with the lowest health, dealing damage and reducing their armor. Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter.
MANA COST: 100/150/200COOLDOWN: 80/70/60
RADIUS: 500 / 500 / 500DURATION: 20 / 25 / 30
STRIKE INTERVAL: 0.75 / 0.65 / 0.55ARMOR REDUCTION: 1 / 1 / 1
DAMAGE: 37 / 50 / 63SCEPTER STRIKE INTERVAL: 0.65 / 0.55 / 0.45
Ride the lightning.
A spell that seeks it's own target. It will damaging the enemy whose have the lowest HP in area round you.
You will be dealing tons of damage to enemies in a teamfight. This will deal continuous damage to enemy and can get kills automatically. Just need to be near your enemy. Very good to chase opponents whose almost death. You are a decent chaser, you have the movement speed, you have the damages.

Dota 2 - Razor Build Guide
This build is Damage Absorber Build
With this build, you will deal lots of painful damage since the early of the game. Just use static link when it's online, and damaging enemy you just absorbed his damage, and harass him until death.
Level 1: Static Link
Level 2: Plasma Field
Level 3: Static Link
Level 4: Plasma Field
Level 5: Static Link
Level 6: Eye of the Storm
Level 7: Static Link
Level 8: Plasma Field
Level 9 : Plasma Field
Level 10: Unstable Current
Level 11: Eye of the Storm
Level 12: Unstable Current
Level 13: Unstable Current
Level 14: Unstable Current
Level 15: Stats
Level 16: Eye of the Storm
Level 17-25: Stats

Why Static Link first? With this skill, you will be owning since the earliest of the game. Absorb their damage, and use the damage you got, to harass them.

Why maxed Plasma Field before Unstable Current? This skill is a nuke. Nuke should be maxed on early-mid game. It will reach it maximum potential when enemy's HP is still low, 500-1000.

Early Game
I recommend you to start spamming Static Link since the earliest of the game. You should use this and keep absorbing the enemy's damage and makes them feel disappointed. After you got the damage, use it to harass your enemies. You should have ultra high damage and deal about 100 damage in very early of the game. That should be so painful for your enemy.
Also use Plasma Field to deal more damage to your enemies. Plasma Field will also can be used to kill some creeps together. Combine Static Link and Plasma Field damage to get firstblood.

Mid Game
In mid game, you should already bought some tanky items, like Vanguard, or Sange and Yasha. With those items, you can bear more damages while absorbing enemy's damage and while damaging them using Eye of the Storm and Plasma Field, and also Right Click damage + additional damage from Static Link. You can be a ganker or a mid-game farmer. Ganker is good, mid-game farmer is good too. You should use Plasma Field and Eye of the Storm, and also Static Link together. Use all you have. After buying your tanky items, your next target is carry's items, you should consider buying Manta Style, or Daedlus, etc.
Dota 2 - Razor Build Guide
Late Game
In late game, you need to be a real DPS-er. But, don't forget to keep tanking and absorbing damage. Your nature is an Agility hero, you should be a carry in the late game. Remember to use Eye of the Storm in every teamfight. Also remember to use Static Link yo enemy's carry, with that, enemy's carry cannot deal high damages and makes him a crap.
You should consider buying some carry's items like Manta Style or Thr Butterfly.
You should focus on enemies one by one until all enemies are killed.

1.  Power Threads
Total cost: 1400
Recipe: Gloves of Haste, Boots of Speed, Belt og Giant Strength/ Robe of Magi/ Band of Elvenskin
 Power Threads, Dota 2 - Razor Build Guide
Active: Switch Attribute - Changes selected attribute between Strength, Agility and Intelligence.
Flat movement speed bonuses from multiple pairs of boots do not stack. + 55 Movement Speed
+ 8 Selected Attribute   + 30 Attack Speed
Why Power Threads? It will gives you attack speed, thats what you need, attack speed and damages. Power threads is laso a flexible shoes, you can change it to STR, AGI, or INT for what you need. STR for survivability, Agility for Damage and Attack Speed, and INT for mana.

2. Vanguard
Total cost: 2225
Recipe: Ring of Health + Vitality Booster + Stout Shield
Vanguard, Dota 2 - Razor Build Guide
Passive: Damage Block - Gives a chance to block damage, depending on the type of hero you are. + 250 Health    + 6 HP Regeneration    BLOCK CHANCE: 70%
Why Vanguard. Will reduce physical attacks damage. So good for tanking damages. Really helps in a teamfight against some physical attacks.

3. Manta Style
Total cost: 5050
Recipe: Yasha, Ultimate Orb, Recipe
Manta Style, Dota 2 - Razor Build Guide
Active: Mirror Image - Creates 2 illusions of your hero that last 20 seconds.
Melee illusions deal 33% damage and take 250% bonus damage. Ranged illusions deal 28% damage and take 300% bonus damage.
Percentage based movement speed bonuses from multiple items do not stack. + 10 Strength
+ 26 Agility    + 10 Intelligence    + 15 Attack Speed    + 10% Movement Speed
Manacost:165    Cooldown:50
Why Manta Style? Creates 2 illusion of yourself to attack the enemy. Because your damage is high, this item will reach its maximum potential beecause your illusion will also deal some high damage. This items also provide a defense mechanism for you because your opponent will be confused and don't know whose to attack, they should guess where is the real you.

4. Maelstorm and upgrade it into Mjolnir
Total cost: Maelstorm; 2700, +2700 = Mjolnir = 5400
Recipe: Maelsorm:  Gloves of Haste + Mythrill Hammer + Recipe
             Mjolnir: Maelstorm + Hyperstone + Recipe.
Maelstorm, Dota 2 - Razor King Build GuideMjolnir, Dota 2 - Razor Build Guide

Passive: Chain Lightning - Grants a chance on attack to release a Chain Lightning that hits 4 targets, dealing damage.

Maelstrom is a Unique Attack Modifier that stacks with other Unique Attack Modifiers, but overrides them when Chain Lightning occurs. + 24 Damage
+ 25 Attack Speed
Active: Static Charge - Places a charged shield on a target unit
Passive: Chain Lightning - Grants a chance to release Chain Lighting on attack, dealing damage to multiple targets.

Mjollnir is a Unique Attack Modifier that stacks with other Unique Attack Modifiers, but overrides them when Chain Lightning occurs. + 24 Damage
+ 80 Attack Speed
Manacost: 50    Cooldown: 35
Makes you a decent carry with it's additional attack speed and lightning ability. Makes you got more lightning and makes you to create a powerful thunderstorm.

5. Daedlus
Total cost:: 5750
Recipe: Crystalis + Demon Edge + Recipe
Daedlus, Dota 2 - Razor Build Guide
APassive: Critical Strike - Grants a chance to deal critical damage on an attack.
+ 81 Damage
Why Daedlus?
With this, you become a true moster. This is because you have a very high damage and this item will multiply your damage so everyone can't match you anymore.
You also can buy MKB, its up to you, both MKB and Daedlus is good.

1. Supportive Heroes
(Example: Shadow Shaman, Crystal Maiden, Vengeful Spirit)
Shadow Shaman, Dota 2 - Bounty Hunter Build GuideCrystal Maiden, Dota 2 - Bounty Hunter Build GuideVengeful Spirit, Dota 2 - Bounty Hunter Build Guide
Supportive heroes have disables and nice skill to helps carries and makes a teamfight easier for the team.
Shadow shaman: Have hex, shackles, and wards to helps you disables enemy
Crystal Maiden: Have 1 lockdown, 1 slower, and have +mana regeneration
Vengeful Spirit: Have stun, swap, and +damage aura

2. Duo ultimate Teamfight Combo 
(Omniknight and Silencer)
Omniknight, Dota 2 - Razor Build GuideSilencer, Dota 2 - Razor Build Guide
 With Silence + Physical immune Combo, Ever team will be OWNING and conquer every teamfights.

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