Dota 2 - Troll Warlord Build Guide

It's an easy thing to offend a troll. A prickly and contentious race, trolls thrive on argument and strife, missing no excuse to raise their voices in dispute. Males grow to maturity in subterranean chambers beneath their matriarch's domicile, feeding and amusing themselves while contributing nothing. Often they stay for years beyond the age of maturity, while the matriarch provides them with sustenance. When young trolls are finally pushed from their sub-chamber, they gather with others of their kind, forming roving gangs of malcontents who complain loudly about all manner of vexation.

As much as trolls love to argue, imagine how rare it is for a troll to be driven from his own kind for being too difficult to get along with. Such was Jah'rakal's fate, a monger troll from deep in the Hoven. So deluded was he, so bitter and abrasive, that even other trolls found his company intolerable. After one particularly vitriolic outburst in which he claimed the lion's share of loot from their latest raid, his cohorts finally snapped. They turned on him, beat him with clubs, and drove him from the encampment. Enraged at his banishment, he returned the next day, armed with steel, and slew them all, one by one. He then swore a blood oath: he would ever after be a fighting force unto himself. Now he roams the world as the Troll Warlord, bitter and angry, the Imperial high commander of an army of one.

Troll is a carry hero that can change his attack range. He can choose to become a melee carry or to become a ranged carry. Melee means more damage and also can have the stunning ability and ranged means he can deal damage from  a long range and can be use for chasing a running target if a melee attack can't catch up.
High attack speedSquishy
Can become a melee
Can do solo Roshan
Dota 2 - Troll Warlord Build Guide
Ranged - Carry

HIT POINTS4731,0581,856SIGHT RANGE1800 / 800
MANA169351741ATTACK RANGE500 / 128

1. Berserker's Rage
Allows the Warlord to use his throwing axes as melee weapons, gaining bonus damage, attack speed, movement speed, hitpoints, armor, and a chance to bash targets on attack. Berserker's Rage also changes the functionality of Whirling Axes.
BONUS MOVE SPEED: 20 / 20 / 20 / 30BASE ATTACK TIME: 1.55
BASH CHANCE: 10%BASH DURATION: 0.8 / 1.2 / 1.6 / 2
BASH DAMAGE: 20 / 30 / 40 / 50
Make you get more damage, HP, attack speed, armor and a stun attack by using a melee-mode.
This is your carry-mode. So in any teamfight, it is 100% must for you to use this mode.

2a. Whirling Axes (Ranged)
Troll hurls a fistful of five axes in a cone shape over 900 range, slowing and damaging enemy units.
MANA COST: 50/50/50/50COOLDOWN: 20
SLOW DURATION: 3 / 3.75 / 4.5 / 5.25MOVEMENT SLOW: 30%
A slowing skill that needed to chase enemy that runs away.

2b. Whirling Axes (Melee)
Troll hurls two axes around him in a close range area of effect, damaging enemy units and causing them to miss some attacks.
MANA COST: 50/50/50/50COOLDOWN: 12
DAMAGE: 125 / 175 / 225 / 275RADIUS: 450
BLIND DURATION: 4 / 5 / 6 / 7MISS CHANCE: 60% / 60% / 60% / 60%
A nice damaging ability with low manacost and gives a miss chance to the enemy attack. So good to be cast ona duel with your enemy. And also can be use to farm.

3. Fervor
With each continuous blow on the same target, Troll gains increased attack speed. If Troll changes targets, the stacks drop to zero.
A nice skill that makes you get more attack speed on each attack by not changing your target. Needed to make you a decent carry on the late game. The more HP the enemy have, the more you will get the benefit from this ability. So Roshing and also fighting enemy carry on the late game will be easier because of this skill.

4. Battle Trance
Troll's presence on the battlefield increases the attack speed of himself and all allied heroes.
ATTACK SPEED: 60 / 120 / 180
Increase your attack speed like crazy! A very good skill on anything. farming, jungling, Roshing, and also ganking and carrying.
Also gives the attack speed buff to all your friend globally.

Level 1: Berserker's Rage
Level 2: Whirling Axes
Level 3: Whirling Axes
Level 4: Fervor
Level 5: Whirling Axes
Level 6: Battle Trance
Level 7: Whirling Axes
Level 8: Berserker's Rage
Level 9 : Berserker's Rage
Level 10: Berserker's Rage
Level 11: Battle Trance
Level 12: Fervor
Level 13: Fervor
Level 14: Fervor
Level 15: Stats
Level 16:Battle Trance
Level 17-25: Stats

Why take Berserker's Rage? With the increased damage in melee-mode, it will increase your chance for getting the last hits. Also can save you from enemy's attempt to get firstblood because in melee mode you gain bonus movement speed to run away and you also get more Hp  to increase your survivability.

Why maxed Whirling Axes first?  This is your main nuke, you will need this for ganking, farming, and killing on early mid game.

Why maxed Berserker's Rage before Fervor? Attack Speed bonus from Fervor is a good late game booster. And you not need it to increase it early. You may need the Berserker's Rage more because it gives more stun duration to help you chase your target.

Early Game
Use Berserker's Rage for easier last hits. It will increase your damage. Also use the Whirling Axe for multiple last hits. Beware of high damage nukes, you are one of the squishiest hero on the map. Also always keep an eye on your ward so you can see any movement from the enemy that may harm yourself.  You need farm the most, so be focus in last hitting because you are the carry of your team.

Mid Game
Mid game is the ganking time! Everybody will roam around the map and find somebody to kill. It's your time to roam too. Don't forget to buy the Smoke of Deceit to hid from enemy's Observer Ward.

You have some ganking skill here. So if you want to initiate in a gank, what you need to do is:
1. Comunicate with your teammates about who should be ganked, you should focus fire on 1 hero in a gank, because if you don't communicate well you may attack the A person and your teammates attack the B person, and that is a bad gank and can lead to failure on getting the kill.
2. Prepare the items needed in the gank:
a. Use Smoke of Deceit
b. Prepare Dust, Sentry Wards, or Gem if you will gank an invisible hero like Rikimaru, Clinkz, or Nyx Assassin
c. Use Whirling Axe
d. Use your ultimate
e. Brutally attack their support
d. Chase the running enemy using Whirling Axe and you may use the Ranged mode if the enemy just need 1 more hit and you cannot catch up with him.

Keep farming and get as many gold as you can. As a carry, you need to boost 3 things;
1. Damage
2. Attack Speed
3. Survivability

Also always keep an eye on enemys movement and prepare yourself from any attempt to gank you.

Late Game
Late game is your time to shine. You should already reach high level here. It will gives you so much advantage from the additional HP and attack. And also I assume that you should already finished your core items. That means you are ready to crush enemy in the teamfight.
Your part here is:
1. Use Bkb
2. Use Whirling Axes
3. Use your ultimate
4. Kill all enemy

And if your team won the teamfight, you have two options:
1. You can get the Aegis for your team's main hero or
2. Your team can push enemy base and destrouy their buildings. Choose wisely!

1. Quelling Blade
Cost: 225

Quelling Blade, Dota 2 - Anti Mage Build Guide
Active: Destroy Tree - Destroy a target tree.
Passive: Quell - Gives bonus attack damage against non-hero units, depending on the type of hero you are.   MELEE BONUS: 32%     RANGED BONUS: 12%      Cooldown: 5
Why Quelling Blade? Makes you easier to lasthit every creeps.

2. Phase Boots
Total Cost: 1350
Recipe: Boots of Speed + 2 x Blades of Attack
Phase Boots, Dota 2 - Windrunner Build Guide
Active: Phase - Gives increased movement speed and lets you move through units. Phase is cancelled upon using another item or ability.
Flat movement speed bonuses from multiple pairs of boots do not stack. PHASE DURATION: 4
PHASE MOVE BOOST: 16%    + 55 Movement Speed    + 24 Damage
Cooldown: 8
Why Phase boots? Gives you attack damage, and gives phase skill (+ms and can walk through creep/heroes).

3. Helm of the Dominator and upgrade it into Satanic Later.
Total Cost: 1850
Recipe: Morbid Mask, Helm of iron Will
Helm of the Dominator, Dota 2 - Huskar Build Guide
Active: Dominate - Take control of a non-hero, non-ancient target unit.
Passive: Lifesteal - Gives lifesteal on attacks.
Helm of the Dominator is a Unique Attack Modifier, and does not stack with other Unique Attack Modifiers. + 20 Damage    + 5 Armor     LIFESTEAL: 15%
Manacost: 75     Cooldown: 60
This items gives you  lifesteal and some additional damage. With lifesteal you can survive in a tough teamfight.  With the additional lifesteal you can solo Roshan because you have a continuous increase in attack speed thanks to your passive.
This item also gives you the abiliy to dominate creeps, I recomtend you to dominate Alpha Wolf to increase your damage.

3. Drum of Endurance
Total Cost: 1725
Recipe: Bracer + Robe of Magi + Recipe
Drum of Endurance, Dota 2 - Chaos Knight Build Guide
Active: Endurance - Gives bonus +10 attack and +10% movement speed to surrounding allies.
Passive: Swiftness Aura - Gives bonus attack and movement speed to surrounding allies.
Multiple instances of Swiftness Aura do not stack. + 9 All Attributes
Cooldown: 30
Why Drums? It gives Movement Speed and Attack Speed aura for the whole team . The attack speed aura is for teamfight and the movement speed aura is for chasing and for escaping. Also increase all your attributes so you get stronger and tankier.

4. Black King Bar
Total cost:: 3900
Recipe: Ogre Axe, Mithril Hammer, Recipe
Black King Bar, Dota 2 - Sandking Build Guide
 Active: Avatar - Grants magic immunity. Duration and cooldown decrease with each use. Some Ultimate abilities are able to disable through Black King Bar. + 10 Strength
+ 24 Damage     DURATION: 10/9/8/7/6/5     Cooldown: 80
Why Black King Bar?  It  gives you survivability in a teamfight because you will get magic immunity during teamfight.

5. Dominator > Satanic
Total Cost: 5850
Recipe: Tarrasque + Helm of the Dominator + Recipe 
Satanic, Dota 2 - Mortred Build Guide
Active: Unholy Rage - Increases Lifesteal by 175% for 3.5 seconds.
Passive: Lifesteal - Gives Lifesteal on attacks.
Satanic is a Unique Attack Modifier, and does not stack with other Unique Attack Modifier.
+ 20 Damage    + 25 Strength    + 5 Armor    LIFESTEAL: 25%   Cooldown: 35
Why Satanic? It will really helps you to survive in a hard condition in a teamfight. It will gives you lifesteal, Strength, and Armor, thats all what you need to survive in a teamfight. If your HP become low, immediately use the Unholy Rage, attack your enemy and your HP will full again in seconds.

6. Butterfly
Total cost:: 6000
Recipe: Talisman of Evasion, Eaglesong, Quarterstaff
Butterfly, Dota 2 - Mortred Build Guide
+ 30 Agility            + 30 Damage
+ 35% Evasion      + 30 Attack Speed
Why Butterfly?
It gives you more damage and more attack speed that makes you become much more powerful. It also gives evasion to helps you survive in teamfight. Butterfly is always a good item for a carry.

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