Dota 2 - Timbesaw Build Guide

Rizzrack could still hear the screams in his mind. He worked, frantically turning wrenches, twisting screws, building and carving and forging. Sleep eluded him; he only built. Months had passed since he had shut himself in his uncle's workshop, and his deliverance was nearly complete. He rubbed his back as his eyes drifted shut, and saw a blanket of flowers floating on the placid waves of Augury Bay before exploding into a cloud of pollen that silenced lives as it seized the lungs. He woke with a choking start. For hours the rhythmic sound of a whetstone filled the shop as he sharpened a set of massive blades, his mind filled with images of strangling vines garroting neighbors, enwrapping homes. The flooding of Augury Bay had been nothing compared to the violent horrors the waters left to take root beyond the city walls. But the saw-suit would make him strong and safe he thought, allowing himself this sliver of hope before the full might of his fear crashed into his fading mind. Branches and bark and blood. When the city fell, Rizzrack fled trees that walked, and fought, and killed. Trees had shattered the gates and swarmed into the city. Trees had crushed and thrashed and stomped the last that Augury Bay could muster in defense, and stalked the few fleeing refugees. In addled silence Rizzrack unspooled the thick chain from the suit's arm, his hands quaking as he inspected each link and ran a trembling finger along the claw attached at its end. The saw-suit was ready. With his hand trembling he sparked the bladed machine to life. Terror drove him, terror of what awaited him and of what he would have to face to have any hope of calming his mind. As the saw-suit shuddered to life he knew he must face this fear, and he knew he wouldn't like it one bit.

Rizzrak the goblin shredder is one of the four new heroes that came with 6.73. much like dragonus, he's been a little neglected for some reason, at least compared to legion and xin. this is a shame, because he's really powerful and fun as shit to play. the other guides out on him right now suck dick so i wrote this one, for pubs obviously since he's not even in the -cm pool yet. you're welcome

An escape artistNeed lots of mana
Have some painful skillsBad in mid laning
Can be as hard as rockCan't attack while using Chakram
Low spell cooldown
Fun to use
Can cuts trees
Dota 2 - Timbesaw - Goblin Shredder - Build Guide
Melee - Durable - Nuker - Escape

HIT POINTS5681,1271,906SIGHT RANGE1800 / 800
MANA2736011,095ATTACK RANGE128

1. Whirling Death
Whirling Death, Dota 2 - Timbesaw Build Guide
Timbersaw whirls extremely sharp edges, damaging enemies and destroying trees around him in an area. If an enemy hero is affected, it loses some of its primary attribute for a short duration. Whirling Death will deal Pure damage if a tree is cut down in the process.
MANA COST: 70/80/90/100COOLDOWN: 8
RADIUS: 300DAMAGE: 100 / 150 / 200 / 250
Your nuke. Deal damage to area around you. Also make affected enemy to lose some of his/her primary stats. Nice skill to nuke enemies. Also can be good to farm some creeps. Remember that this skill can cut some trees.

2. Timber Chain
Timber Chain, Dota 2 - Timbesaw Build Guide
Timbersaw fires a chain that embeds itself in the first tree it hits, pulling him towards it. Any enemy in the path takes damage.
MANA COST: 60/70/80/90COOLDOWN: 4
CAST RANGE: 800 / 1000 / 1200 / 1400RADIUS: 225 / 225 / 225 / 225
DAMAGE: 100 / 140 / 180 / 220
Jump into a tree and dealing damage in your path. With this skill, you can jumping like a Tarzan and makes you can escape easily. Feel like a Tarzan with this skill.

3. Reactive Armor
Reactive Armor, Dota 2 - Timbesaw Build Guide
Each time Timbersaw is attacked, he gains increased health regen and armor.
BONUS HP REGEN: 1MAX STACKS: 4 / 8 / 12 / 16
STACK DURATION: 16 / 16 / 16 / 16
When you're attacked, you gain more armor and HP Regen. Makes you a decent tanker. Really helps you to survive on ganks or in teamfights.

4. Chakram
Chakram, Dota 2 - Timbesaw Build Guide
Fires your main saw blade at the target location, and once there the blade will spin, dealing damage in an area around it and slowing enemies. For each 5% of health missing, enemies caught in the saw blade move more slowly. The blade deals damage and cuts down trees in its path when fired and retracted. You lose the ability to attack and spend mana while the blade is out.
MANA COST: 125/150/175COOLDOWN: 8
RADIUS: 200PASS DAMAGE: 100 / 140 / 180
DAMAGE PER SECOND: 50 / 75 / 100SLOW: 5%
Release a spinning Chakram that deal damage to enemies who touch it. This skill can be good to escape because you will slow down enemies that touch this Chakram. Also will deal a decent damage in teamfight. This skill absorbs some mana per second, so watch your mana.

Return Chakram
Returns the Chakram to Timbersaw.

Dota 2 - Timbesaw Build Guide

Level 1: Timberchain
Level 2: Whirling Death
Level 3: Whirling Death
Level 4: Timberchain
Level 5: Whirling Death
Level 6: Chakram
Level 7: Whirling Death
Level 8: Timberchain
Level 9 : Timberchain
Level 10: Reactive Armor
Level 11: Chakram
Level 12: Reactive Armor
Level 13: Reactive Armor
Level 14: Reactive Armor
Level 15: Stats
Level 16: Chakram
Level 17-25: Stats

Why take Timberchain for level 1? Well, you need to avoid if there is a firstblood attempt from enemies. Use Timberchain to jump-out.

Why maxed Whirling Death first? This is your biggest nuke, can be use to farm, or to damaging some nearby enemies.

Why maxed Timberchain before Reactive armor? Nukes should be maxed first, thats the rule of DotA. Nuke will deal a nice damage for early-mid game, and will loss it's potential in late game. And Reactive armor will reduce damage from attacks which is useful on mid-late game.

ave to go mid, you might consider taking death over chains, but shredder shouldn't mid (no trees).

Early Game
If you are not partnering with carry, you can use your time to last hits the creeps. Farm something to make you get some nice items. Use your skills WhirlingDeath and TimberChain once in a while to harass enemies. And if you have the chance, try to get firstblood using those two skills.

Mid Game
You need to start ganking here, in mid game, this is your time to shine. Here you should already have Chakram and start roaming and finding enemy to kill. You can jump freely like a Tarzan using Timberchain, and have some fun using Whirling Death that also can cut some trees. Use Chakram to deal damage more. If you have loss all your mana, retreat is the best choice, you are a very mana dependant hero, mana is everything for you. Remember that Chakram is also a slower skill, with this, you will be easier to escape from enemies. Timberchain and Chakram, a perfect tool for an escape artist, you.
Dota 2 - Timbesaw Build Guide
Late Game
What you need in teamfights are: To keep cahainskill all you have. Although your damage isn't painful anymore. You still have slower ability from Chakram that will slow down enemies, and maybe still deal a good damage. Also remember that you have Whirling Death that will reduce enemy' stats. 15% reduction for main stats in a late game can be a pain for your enemy. be sure to cast any items you have during teamfights, maybe item like Shiva, Mekans, or NecroBooks will helps your team.

1. Arcane Boots
Total cost: 1450
Recipe: Boots of Speed + Energy Booster
Arcane Boots, Dota 2 - Timbesaw Build Guide
Active: Replenish Mana - Restores mana in an area around the hero.
Flat movement speed bonuses from multiple pairs of boots do not stack.
+ 60 Movement Speed
+ 250 Mana
Mana Needed: 25    Cooldown: 55
Why Arcane Boots? You have spammable skills, so you need more mana, with this item, your mana will be fulfilled. And also to replenish mana of the team.

2. Bloodstone
Total Cost:
Recipe: Preserverance + Soul Booster
Bloodstone, Dota 2 - Timbesaw Build Guide
Passive: Bloodpact - Starts with 6 charges. Gains 1 charge each time an enemy hero dies within 1675 range. Each charge bestows 1 mana regeneration per second, reduces gold lost from death by 25, and reduces respawn time by 4 seconds. When the bearer dies, restores 400 HP + 30 HP per charge to allied units within 1675 units, then loses a third of its charges. While dead, the bearer continues to receive experience at the death location and gives 1800 unit vision there. + 500 Health
+ 400 Mana     + 9 HP Regeneration     + 200% Mana Regeneration
Bloodstone is very recommended for you because it gives mana and hp regeneration, also makes your hp and mana pool higher. This is the item for the tanky-nuker-dps er like you. Very Recommended.

3. Shivs's Guard
Total cost: 4700
Recipe: Plate Mail + Mystic Staff + Recipe
Shiva's Guard, Dota 2 - Timbesaw Build Guide
Active: Arctic Blast - Emits a freezing wave that does 200 damage to enemies and slows their movement by -40% for 4.0 seconds.
Passive: Freezing Aura - Reduces attack speed on enemies.
Multiple instances of Freezing Aura do not stack.
+ 30 Intelligence   + 15 Armor
Manacost: 100   Cooldown:   30
Why Shiva's? Helps you chase enemies faster because this item will slow down your target. + Arctic Blast (More Slow and 200 damage)

Supportive Item you Might Needs
4. Mekansm
Total cost: 2306
Recipe: Headress + Buckler + Recipe
Mekansm, Dota 2 - Timbesaw Build Guide
Active: Restore - Heals 250 HP and gives +2 armor in an area.
Passive: Mekansm Aura - Bonus HP Regen in an area.
Multiple instances of Mekansm Aura do not stack
+ 5 All Attributes
+ 5 Armor
Mana:150   Cooldown:45
Why Mekansm? Heal for all allies in AoE, is a must for teamfights.

Nice Item you Might Needs
5. Necromicon
Total cost: 2700
Recupe: Staff of Wizardy, Belt of Giant Strength + Recipe
You can upgrade by buying the recipe again, can be upgraded 2 times, into lv3.
Necromicon, Timbesaw - Dota 2
Active: Demonic Summoning - Summons a Necronomicon Warrior and a Necronomicon Archer to fight for you. Their strength and abilities increase as Necronomicon increases in level. Lasts 35 seconds. + 15/21/24 Intelligence    + 8/12/16 Strength
Manacost: 50    Cooldown: 80
Why Necronomicon? After initiate a teamfight, you can summon 2 demons with reliable power. This demon is so powerful, and other advantage is that if you die, your demons will not automatically die so you still can play your demons if you die.

DPS Item you Might Needs
6.  Radiance
Total cost: 5150
Recipe: Sacred Relic + Recipe
Radiance, Dota 2 - Timbesaw Build Guide
Active: Toggles Burn Damage on or off.
Passive: Burn Damage - Deals damage per second in a 650 radius. + 60 Damage
Why Radiance? Helps yo to deal some constant damage in teamfights. Also helps in farming creeps.

1. Heroes Will Helps You to Land Your Chakram  into the Middle of Enemies
(Example: DarkSeer, Puck, Disruptor)
DarkSeer, Dota 2 - Timbesaw Build GuidePuck, Dota 2 - Timbesaw Build GuideDisruptor, Dota 2 - Timbesaw Build Guide
DarkSeer: Have Vacuum that sucks all nearby opponent into 1 point, that's your chance to release the Chakram
Puck: His ultimate can make opponenets to stay on their place, that's your chance to release the Chakram
Disruptor: His Kinetic Field can make opponenets to stay on their place, that's your chance to release the Chakram

1. Dota Alan - Timbersaw
Alan plays using his Timbersaw, watch this to see Alan;s skill

  2. Yaphets Plays the Shredder
Nice DotA video from Yaphets, the legend of DotA

Goblin Shredder, Tree , Dota 2 - Timbesaw Build GuideGoblin Shredder, Tree , Dota 2 - Timbesaw Build Guide

Goblin Shredder, Machine , Dota 2 - Timbesaw Build GuideGoblin Shredder, Machine , Dota 2 - Timbesaw Build Guide

Goblin Shredder, Dota 2 - Timbesaw Build GuideGoblin Shredder, Dota 2 - Timbesaw Build Guide

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