Dota 2 - Warlock Build Guide

As Chief Curator and Head of Acquisitions for the Arcane Archives of the Ultimyr Academy, Demnok Lannik was tireless in his pursuit of lost, rare and forbidden tomes. No cursed temple was so foreboding, no cavern path so treacherous, that any concern for his own survival could dissuade him from entering if rumors hinted that some pamphlet of primordial lore might still survive in its depths. However, so often did his investigations trigger the wrath of protector entities, that he finally found it necessary to master the arts of magic. He bent himself to learning sorcery with the same thorough obsessiveness that marked his quest for incunabula, becoming the most powerful Warlock of the Academy in less time than most practitioners required to complete a course of undergraduate work. Almost as an afterthought, he carved a staff of Dreadwood and summoned into it a captive spirit from the Outer Hells. And anticipating the day when he will have recovered every last lost spellbook, he has commenced writing his own Black Grimoire. It will undoubtedly be instructive.

Warlock is a hero that have many useful and powerful abilities. From a healing skill to Summoning a powerful Golem. His abilities is all designed to be use in big clash.
He have a skill that will share damage among enemies, he have skill to deal continuous damage to enemy, and also a skill to slow down enemies in the area.around him.
Can summon powerful golemsSquishy
Have a decent damage sharing spellSlow
Have a decent healing spellHis Upheavel needs channeling
Have a decent aoe-slowing spell

Ranged - Initiator - Support - Lane Support - Disabler

HIT POINTS4921,1572,012SIGHT RANGE1800 / 800
MANA3128031,414ATTACK RANGE600
DAMAGE46-5684-94131-141MISSILE SPEED1200

1. Fatal Bonds
Binds several enemy units together, causing 20% of the damage dealt to one of them to be felt by the others.
MANA COST: 120/120/120/120COOLDOWN: 25
ENEMIES BOUND: 3 / 4 / 5 / 6DURATION: 25
An ancient incantation that links the vital energies of multiple lifeforms into one collective body.
With casting this skill to enemies in the area. Enemy hero that have this buff, will receive the damage felt by the creeps and his allied that also receives this buff. So although the enemy that have this buff is running away,, you still can damaging him by damaging his allied that bonded with this skill.
Can be deadly to enemies in a big clash because the damage will be streamed from one enemy to another and all enemies will feel more damage in the teamfight.

2. Shadow Word
Demnok whispers an incantation, healing a friendly unit or damaging an enemy unit over time.
MANA COST: 90/110/130/150COOLDOWN: 16
DAMAGE: MAGICALDAMAGE: 15 / 25 / 35 / 45
Warlock arcane arts have a myriad of uses, allowing them to be powerful friendly enchantments or damaging curses.
If you cast this aon ally, it will heal him. And if you cast this on enemy it will damaging him. So cast this on a red HP ally and also cast this on enemy to harass him.

3. Upheaval
CHANNELED - A powerful slowing current that grows stronger as it's channelled. Lasts up to 10 seconds, slowing enemies up to 84%. Enemies are slowed for 3 seconds after leaving the area or the spell ends.
MANA COST: 100/110/120/130COOLDOWN: 50
RADIUS: 650 / 650 / 650 / 650SLOW RATE: 7% / 14% / 21% / 28%
Demnok manipulates space-time, impairing entire armies.
Slows all enemy in the AoE. THis skill is a channeling skill so you need to stand still while casting this skill. So better you already casted all your other spells before casting this spedd in the teamfight because you won't do anything for like 10 seconds after casting this skill.
The slowing is very powerful though. So the opponent can hardly move within the AoE of this skill and youe ally can easily damaging all enemies in the area.

4. Chaotic Offering
Summons a Golem from the depths, dealing 100 damage and stunning enemies for one second. The Golem lives 60 seconds, takes reduced damage from spells, has Permanent Immolation and Flaming Fists on attack. Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter.
MANA COST: 200/250/300COOLDOWN: 165
RADIUS: 600GOLEM HP: 900 / 1200 / 1500
GOLEM DAMAGE: 75 / 100 / 125GOLEM ARMOR: 5 / 7 / 10
Demnok unleashes the captive spirit in his Dreadwood staff, causing destruction in enemy ranks.
This is your most powerful spell in the game. You call a monster that can damaging all enemies that touches him. Your team become much stronger with the presence of this golem because your team is like having additional hero to fight with. Your opponent will be confused whether to attack the golem or to attack your heroes. And that's your team's chance to win the teamfight.
With the Aghanim Scepter, you can summon one two Golems at once and that's so so powerful because if one Golem is already annoying, two is a hell annoying for the enemy.
And not just that, with Aghanim Scepter + the Refresher Orb you will not just can summon 2 Golems but an extra 2 more Golems, that means 4 Golems will be there to crush all enemis in seconds.
Golem can also be useful in crushing towers and barracks too. Your team will be faster in destroying enemy towers.


Level 1: Fatal Bonds
Level 2: Shadow Word
Level 3: Fatal Bonds
Level 4: Shadow Word
Level 5: Fatal Bonds
Level 6: Chaotic Offering
Level 7: Fatal Bonds
Level 8: Shadow Word
Level 9 : Shadow Word
Level 10: Upheaval
Level 11: Chaotic Offering
Level 12: Upheaval
Level 13: Upheaval
Level 14: Upheaval
Level 15: Stats
Level 16: Chaotic Offering
Level 17-25: Stats

Why maxed Fatal Bonds first?  With this skill, you can harass the enemies more. The power of the bond will slowly reduce your enemy's HP so you can easily control the lane on the mid game or you can use it to harass enemies more on a gank.

Why maxed Shadow Word before Upheaval?  On early game you need Shadow Word mor than the Upheaval. The healing can keeps your teammates alive and the damage can easily harass your enemy in lane and in a gank. And Upheavel is a skill that need to be cast on a big clash which will be happening on a late game.

Early Game
Warlock is a strong hero on early game. He have the fatal bonds to always harassing his opponents in lane by casting this on enemy hero and also the creeps so while the creeps taking damages, the enemy hero will also feel the damage.  And he also have the Shadow Word which can be use to heal himself and also allies that need HP recovery. Shadow Word can also be use for enemy to harass him in the lane.

Mid Game
Midg game is usually is the starting of ganking activities where our team and the enemy team both finding each other to get as many kills as we can. You can help your team's ganking party by using Fatal Bonds in the starting of the gank. That way all enemy will receive more damage from your team's damage. And then cast the Chaotic Offering to summon Golem to helps you in the teamfight. With the Golem on the field, the enemy team is usually afraid and immediately forced to retreat because the golem + your whole team damage can destroy them easily. And if the enemy are not afraid from the presence of your Golem, it will be so good because the Golem will make your enemy confuse whether to attack the Golem or to attack the heroes. And then while enemy is confused, your team can easily crush them.
After you successfully cast the Fatal Bond and summon the Golem, youc an choose to cast the Shadow Word for allies to increase his survivability in the teamfight or to cast this on one of the enemy to harass him. After you successfully casted 3 of your skill, you can cast your channeling skill Upheaval which needs you to stand still for the next 10 seconds. Remember to place the Upheaval in the middle of the enemy heroes in maximize it's potential. And with the slowing ability from Upheaval, the enemy will hardly move in the area so your friends can crush them easily.
Late Game
Late game teamfight strategy is still the same. You cast the Fatal Bond in the starting of the teamfight to increase the damage enemy will receive, and then summon your Golem to stun the enemy and then your Golem can deal damage per second to them. On this late game, you may already have the Aghanim and that's make your initiation more stronger because you now can call 2 Golems at once. And if you also have the Refresher Orb, 4 Golems will be too much for the opponent and your team can easily win the teamfight. With 4 Golems, it will be a total chaos on the land, and the enemy should be retread or to be crashed by the power of your Golem. if the enemy still want to fight, your team will have so many damage source and will be a quite easy teamfight for your team. And if they choose to retreat, your Golem should be easy to destroy their towers and base. So it's a win-win solution for your team.
Also remember to cast sthe Shadow Word to either ally or to one of the enemy. And finally you can cast the Upheaval to slow down all the enemies in the area of a teamfight.
After successful teamfight your team can choose whether to kill the Roshan or to push the enemy base. Choose wisely.

1. Arcane Boots
Total cost: 1450
Recipe: Boots of Speed + Energy Booster
Arcane Boots, Dota 2 - Venomancer Build Guide
Active: Replenish Mana - Restores mana in an area around the hero.
Flat movement speed bonuses from multiple pairs of boots do not stack.
+ 60 Movement Speed
+ 250 Mana
Mana Needed: 25    Cooldown: 55
Why Arcane Boots? You have spammable skills, so you need more mana, with this item, your mana will be fulfilled. And also to replenish mana of the team.

2. Aghanim Scepter,
Aghanim, Sandking, dota 2
Passive: Ultimate Upgrade - Upgrades the ultimates of certain heroes.
+ 10 All Attributes   + 200 Health   + 150 Mana
Why Aghanim's Scepter? Increase your team's power by instantly summon 2 Golems in the teamfight.

3. Refresher Orb
Total cost: 5300
Recipe: Obilivion Staff + Preserverance + Recipe
refresher's orb, Earthshaker - Dota 2
Active: Reset Cooldowns - Resets the cooldowns of all your items and abilities. + 5 HP Regeneration
+ 200% Mana Regeneration    + 40 Damage    + 6 Intelligence
Manacost: 375     Cooldown: 160
Why Refresher Orb? With this and also the Aghanim Scepter, it will totally summon up to 4 Golems in the field. So so powerful.

And if you choose to be more supportive you can choose these items:
1. Mekansm
Total cost: 2306
Recipe: Headress + Buckler + Recipe
Mekansm, Dota 2 - Shadow Shaman Build Guide
Active: Restore - Heals 250 HP and gives +2 armor in an area.
Passive: Mekansm Aura - Bonus HP Regen in an area.
Multiple instances of Mekansm Aura do not stack
+ 5 All Attributes
+ 5 Armor
Mana:150   Cooldown:45
Why Mekansm? Heal for all allies in AoE, is a must for teamfights.

2. Pipe of Insight
Total cost: 3628
Recipe: Hood of Defiance + Headress + Recipe
Pipe of Insight, Dota 2 - Ogre Magi Build Guide
Active: Barrier - Gives nearby friendly units a shield that blocks 400 spell damage.
Multiple instances of spell resistance from items do not stack.
+ 11 HP Regeneration
+ 30% Spell Resistance
Manacost: 100   Cooldown: 60
Why Pipe of Insight? Gives barrier for all allies in AoE that Block 400 spell damage, very useful.

And if you want to be excel at initaiting a teamfight you can choose these items:
1. Dagger
Cost: 2150
blink dagger, Sandking, dota 2
Active: Blink - Teleport to a target point up to 1200 units away. If damage is taken from an enemy hero, Blink Dagger cannot be used for 3 seconds.
Manacost: 75   Cooldown: 14
Blink Dagger is a perfect item for you for initiating purpose. This item will make you can jump straint in front of your target so you can stun them immediately to make a way for your team to knock your enemy down. In a teamfight, who initiate first is usually become the winnner of the fight.

2. Force Staff
Total cost: 2350
Recipe: Staff of Wizardy + Ring of Regen + Recipe
Force Staff, Dota 2 - Windrunner Build Guide
Active: Force - Pushes any target unit 600 units in the direction it is facing. Double click to self-cast. + 10 Intelligence    + 3 HP Regeneration
Manacost: 25    Cooldown: 20
Why Force Staff? ForceStaff is useful on many purposes, you can initiate a teamfight with ForceStaff, or you can save somebody, or you can save yourself.

1. Carries
(Example: Magine, Void, Luna)
Anti Mage, Dota 2 - Shadow Shaman Build GuideFaceless Void, Dota 2 - Shadow Shaman Build GuideLuna, Dota 2 - Shadow Shaman Build Guide
You initiate a teamfight, they finishes the job by killing the target

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