Dota 2 - Crystal Maiden Build Guide

Born in a temperate realm, raised with her fiery older sister Lina, Rylai the Crystal Maiden soon found that her innate elemental affinity to ice created trouble for all those around her. Wellsprings and mountain rivers froze in moments if she stopped to rest nearby; ripening crops were bitten by frost, and fruiting orchards turned to mazes of ice and came crashing down, spoiled. When their exasperated parents packed Lina off to the equator, Rylai found herself banished to the cold northern realm of Icewrack, where she was taken in by an Ice Wizard who had carved himself a hermitage at the crown of the Blueheart Glacier. After long study, the wizard pronounced her ready for solitary practice and left her to take his place, descending into the glacier to hibernate for a thousand years. Her mastery of the Frozen Arts has only deepened since that time, and now her skills are unmatched.

This hero is a nice support hero whose have 2 disables,
1. a targetted frozen,
2. and a slower for an area
This hero also have global aura that gives +mana regeneration for all allies.

People choose this hero to buy wards and animal courier, that's because this hero doesn't need much farm to become useful in teamfights. This hero just need to level up a bit and can useful because he have 2 disables, and 1 powerful ultimate..The weakness of this hero is that this hero is very very squishy, usually the enemy just need 2-4 hits to knock you down. You must be careful on your move.
Have a nice mana regeneration aura for global rangeSquishy
Have a powerful ultimate (deals lots of DPS in an area)Low movement speed
Have a decent lock down abilityLow attack speed
Have a decent slower Low right click damage
No need much farm
Ranged - Support - Disabler - Nuker - Lane Support

HIT POINTS4549061,609SIGHT RANGE1800 / 800
MANA2738011,438ATTACK RANGE600
DAMAGE38-4479-85128-134MISSILE SPEED900

1. Crystal Nova
Crystal Nova, Dota 2 - Crystal Maiden Build Guide
A burst of damaging frost slows enemy movement and attack rate in the targeted area.
MANA COST: 100/120/140/160COOLDOWN: 15
DAMAGE: 100 / 150 / 200 / 250DURATION: 3.5 / 4 / 4.5 / 5
The air temperature around Rylai drops rapidly, chilling all around her to the core.
This skill is your decent AoE slower that helps in ganking, chasing, and on teamfights. You need to combine this ability with frostbite and Freezing Field to deal continuous magical damagae. You can also use this ability for farming, you actually don't need that much farms, but, farming is no harm.

2. Frostbite
Frostbite, Dota 2 - Crystal Maiden Build Guide
Encases an enemy unit in ice, prohibiting movement and attack, while dealing damage per second.
MANA COST: 115/125/140/150COOLDOWN: 10
DAMAGE: MAGICALDAMAGE: 70 / 70 / 70 / 70
DURATION: 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 / 3
Rylai channels winds from the Blueheart Glacier, imprisoning attackers in thick blocks of ice.
Your decent disabler. Disables 1 opponent. Makes the targetted enemy can't do anything for 3 seconds. Enemy also receive some damage per second from this skill. A nice skill to lockdown enemys and kill him with your friends.

3. Arcane Aura
Arcane Aura, Dota 2 - Crystal Maiden Build Guide
Gives additional mana regeneration to all friendly units on the map. This bonus is doubled on Crystal Maiden.
MANA REGEN BONUS: 0.5 / 1 / 1.5 / 2
Cold temperatures promote the essence of magic, causing Rylai's presence to allow spell usage in abundance.
Your nice skill that really helps all aliies to regenerate mana faster every second. Makes your team can be more aggressive because plentiful of mana.

4. Freezing Field
Freezing Field, Dota 2 - Crystal Maiden Build Guide
CHANNELED - Surrounds Crystal Maiden with random icy explosions that slow enemies and deal massive damage. Lasts 7 seconds. Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter.
MANA COST: 200/400/600COOLDOWN: 150/120/90
RADIUS: 685 / 685 / 685EXPLOSION RADIUS: 215 / 215 / 215
MOVEMENT SLOW: 30%DAMAGE: 105 / 170 / 250
SCEPTER DAMAGE: 170 / 250 / 310
Once the place of her exile, Icewrack has become an anchor for Rylai's frigid onslaught.
This skill has a very high AoE damage and very useful to reduce enemy HP in teamfights. This ability will deal lots of magical damage and often kill the enemy. The disadvantages of using this skill is that you need to channel this ability so you cannot do another thing while doing this skill, you can buy BKB and activate it before using this ability so you can channel this skill and can't get cancelled..

The damage from this ability is so high. I believe the highest AoE damage in DotA. The enemy should run from the area of this skill if he don't want to get killed.

The damage can be increased if you buy the Aghanim Sceper. But because you usually don't farm that much, it is ok to not buy it.

Dota 2 - Crystal Maiden Build Guide
Level 1: Frostbite
Level 2: Crystal Nova
Level 3: Frostbite
Level 4: Arcane Aura
Level 5: Frostbite
Level 6: Freezing Field
Level 7: Frostbite
Level 8: Crystal Nova
Level 9 : Crystal Nova
Level 10: Crystal Nova
Level 11: Freezing Field
Level 12: Arcane Aura
Level 13: Arcane Aura
Level 14: Arcane Aura
Level 15: Stats
Level 16: Freezing Field
Level 17-25: Stats

Why Frostbite should be maxed first? Usually people choose to max Crystal Nova first because it has a wider Aoe than the Frostbite. Nothing's wrong with that. But, in fact, you need frostbite to guarantee a kill. Crystal Nova slows the opponents, but he can still do something to fightback and save himself. Frostbite will have the higher chance to kill someone because it will lock him 100% for 3 seconds in Lv.4, and deals some damages too.

Why Crystal Nova should be maxed before Arcane Aura? Crystal Nova is a nuke, nuke damage will be steady along the time, and will deal higher percentage of HP in early-mid game when opponent's HP are still hundreds.

Actually, taking Arcane Aura in early-mid game is not a bad option, this will depend on how your team play, if you need more mana for all teammates, this will be the choice.

Early Game
In early game, usually your partners will charge you to buy animal courier and wards. This is your general job. You don't need to buy these things if your friends already did. You do not need lots of gold, so buying supportive items is ok for you.
In the laning phase, you need to helps your friends to get enough farm by denying the creeps and also harassing the enemy once in a while. You can use frostbite or Crystal Nova for harassing.

Mid Game
I recommend you to chnage lane and help your teammates. You need to change lane if:
1. You already destroy 1 or 2 towers in your lane
2. You already Level 6-10
Your need to helps your friends using Frostbite and Crystal Nova. Your teammate will be greatly helped by you. You and your teammates needs to get as much kill possible to assure victory.

Dota 2 - Crystal Maiden Build Guide

Late Game
In late game, you must continue your participation in every teamfight. You need Frostbite to lockdown 1 enemy for 3 seconds. And the most important, you must cast Freezing Field in the middle of enemy crowds.
Freezing Field, I belive still deal a decent amount of damage on late game. You also need to move together as one. And don't go alone if the situation isn't really safe.

1. You need to buy courier and wards for the team. If someone already done it, you don't need to.
Courier: 150
Wards: 150
Courier, Dota 2 - Crystal Maiden Build GuideObserver Wards, Dota 2 - Crystal Maiden Build Guide
Courier: Transfer items from shop to heroes
Wards: Scouting some important area to protect teams against some ganks.

2. Arcane Boots
Total cost: 1450
Recipe: Boots of Speed + Energy Booster
Arcane Boots, Dota 2 - Crystal Maiden Build Guide
Active: Replenish Mana - Restores mana in an area around the hero.
Flat movement speed bonuses from multiple pairs of boots do not stack.
+ 60 Movement Speed
+ 250 Mana
Mana Needed: 25    Cooldown: 55
Why Arcane Boots? You have spammable skills, so you need more mana, with this item, your mana will be fulfilled. And also to replenish mana of the team.

3. Drum of Endurance
Total Cost: 1725
Recipe: Bracer + Robe of Magi + Recipe
Drum of Endurance, Dota 2 - Crystal Maiden Build Guide
Active: Endurance - Gives bonus +10 attack and +10% movement speed to surrounding allies.
Passive: Swiftness Aura - Gives bonus attack and movement speed to surrounding allies.
Multiple instances of Swiftness Aura do not stack. + 9 All Attributes
Cooldown: 30
Why Drums? It will gives you survivability with + STR and gives your team  +Attack speed and +Movement Speed that will benefit your whole team.

4. Black King Bar
Total cost:: 3900
Recipe: Ogre Axe, Mithril Hammer, Recipe
Black King Bar, Dota 2 - Crystal Maiden Build Guide
 Active: Avatar - Grants magic immunity. Duration and cooldown decrease with each use. Some Ultimate abilities are able to disable through Black King Bar. + 10 Strength
+ 24 Damage     DURATION: 10/9/8/7/6/5     Cooldown: 80
Why Black King Bar? It will makes you can channel Frozen Field without getting cancelled from damages. It  also gives you survivability in a teamfight because you will get magic immunity during teamfight.

5.  Schyte of Vyse
Total cost: 5675
Recipe: Mystic Staff + Ultimate Orb + Void Stone
Schyte of Vyse, Dota 2 - Crystal Maiden Build Guide
Active: Hex - Turns a target unit into a harmless critter for 3.5 seconds. Destroys illusions.
+ 10 Strength   + 10 Agility  + 35 Intelligence
+ 150% Mana Regeneration
Manacost: 100   Cooldown: 35
Why Schyte of Vyse? Very good to initiate a teamfight. You are considered a support, and this item is one of the best supportive items you can get.

6. Aghanim Scepter
Aghanim, Crystal Maiden, dota 2
Passive: Ultimate Upgrade - Upgrades the ultimates of certain heroes.
+ 10 All Attributes   + 200 Health   + 150 Mana
Why Aghanim's Scepter? It will increase the damages of your ultimate. Nice item to win a teamfight. And this item also gives you more survivability because of its + HP.

If you need a better initiation you can buy
7. Blink Dagger
Cost: 2150
Blink Dagger - Crystal Maiden - Dota 2
Active: Blink - Teleport to a target point up to 1200 units away. If damage is taken from an enemy hero, Blink Dagger cannot be used for 3 seconds.
Manacost: 75   Cooldown: 14
Blink Dagger is a perfect item for initiating purpose.

1. Carries
(Example: Magine, Void, Luna)
Anti Mage, Dota 2 - Crystal Maiden Build GuideFaceless Void, Dota 2 - Crystal Maiden Build GuideLuna, Dota 2 - Crystal Maiden Build Guide
Carries should come after you initiate a teamfight, and they should the right click and use all their skills to the enemies.

For enemies, you need to be careful from many heroes especially heroes with high burst damages. That is because you have a low HP and small armor that makes you become squishy and vulnerable.

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