Dota 2 - Terrorblade Build Guide

Terrorblade is the demon marauder--an outlaw hellion whom even other demons fear. A cosmic iconoclast, he stole from the Demon Lords, ignored the codified rites that should have bound his behavior, and broke every law of the seven Infernal Regions. For his crimes, he was taught this lesson: even Hell has a hell. A short, brutal trial ensued, with many dead on all sides, and he was finally incarcerated in Foulfell, a hidden dimension where demonkind imprison their own.

But Foulfell is no normal prison. In this dark mirror of reality, demons are sentenced to gaze eternally into the twisted reflection of their own souls. But instead of suffering, Terrorblade made himself master of his own reflected worst self--a raging, thieving demon of unimaginable power. With his inner beast under sway, he destroyed the fractal prison walls and burst free to turn his terror loose upon all creation.

Terrorblade main power lies in the Metamorphosis ability which gives him so much damage. While he is in demon form, he gain so much damage to be able to destroy everything. He also  make lots of illusions that deal damages and also makes enemy confused. His ultimate is a skill that instantly swap HP with his target, makes him unkillable. His other ability is a slower that makes his target can't escape from him.
One of the best tower destroyer Low HP on early game
Lots of illusionsHis metaporphosis have a lot cooldown
Can swap Hp instantlySunder can be blocked by a linken sphere
A decent slower for a single targetBeware of some burst damage like Epicenter, dagon, etc.


HIT POINTS4359401,681SIGHT RANGE1800 / 800
MANA2475661,053ATTACK RANGE128
DAMAGE48-5493-99145-151MISSILE SPEED900

1. Reflection
Terrorblade brings forth an invulnerable dark illusion of the targeted enemy Hero. The enemy Hero is slowed and attacked by the illusion for a short duration.
MANA COST: 50COOLDOWN: 22/18/14/10
DURATION: 5ILLUSION DAMAGE: 40% / 50% / 60% / 70%
In the fractal prison of Foulfell, Terrorblade learned the truth of this old tale: you are your own worst enemy. Now it is a lesson he teaches others.
This skill is a single target slower skill to set up a kill for you. When the enemy is slowed by this skill, you can coneniently attack him. Also you can use this to escape from enemy.

2. Conjure Image
Creates an illusion of Terrorblade that deals damage.
DURATION: 32ILLUSION DAMAGE: 30% / 40% / 50% / 60%
There's only one thing more dangerous than facing Terrorblade. Facing MORE Terrrorblades!
Creates a clone of yourself. When you are on metamorphosis mode, the clone is also in a metamorph model and has the big attack damage. You can create 1 illusion per 16 seconds so you can creates a total of 2 illusions. Use the clones to helps you destroy towers and also makes you wins some teamfights.

3. Metamorphosis
Terrorblade transforms into a powerful demon with a ranged attack.
ATTACK RANGE: 550BONUS DAMAGE: 20 / 40 / 60 / 80
Temper, temper. The rage rises up and takes control. Meet Terrorblade's own worst self.
This is your most powerful ability. When you click this ability, you instantly become a ranged demon that has ultra big damage. You can easily destroy towers in this form. Don't forget to make some illusions  right after you become the demon.

4. Sunder
Severs the soul from both Terrorblade and a target Hero, then exchanges them, carrying a percentage of each units' life force. The target Hero is also dealt a ministun. Some hit points must remain.
MANA COST: 200/100/0COOLDOWN: 120/80/40
MINIMUM HP SWAP: 25% / 20% / 15%
You didn't need that life, did you? The demon marauder steals that which you hold most dear.
Swap Hp between you and a target hero. You can swap either enemy or friend. Use this when your HP is low and make your HP become full again. A very nice survivability skill that guarantee a longer life in a teamfight.


Level 1: Metamorphosis
Level 2: Reflection
Level 3: Conjure Image
Level 4: Metamorphosis
Level 5: Metamorphosis
Level 6: Sunder
Level 7: Metamorphosis
Level 8: Conjure Image
Level 9 : Conjure Image
Level 10: Conjure Image
Level 11: Sunder
Level 12: Reflection
Level 13: Reflection
Level 14: Reflection
Level 15: Stats
Level 16: Sunder
Level 17-25: Stats

This build is focusing on maxing your Metamorphosis first for maximum damage. You can then max Conjure Image and Relfection after it.

Early Game
As a carry, of course, you have to farm diligently in the early game. But unlike some other carry that usually are weak in the early game, you can be very strong because you have nice abilities. You can easily zoning enemy with these skills so enemy can't come close. When you are on a demon form, your enemy instantly afraid and runs away so you can farm conveniently. Either with your other 2 skills, when you use that, your enemy usually runs from you.

Mid Game
On mid game, you should focus on destroying towers. You can use metamorphosis and then conjure image to create some illusion and easily destroy towers.
Destroy towers means your team gets lots of golds and also get them map control. Since you successfully destroy some towers, you will gets tons of golds advantage so you better surround your opponent's jungle and siege them.

Late Game
As a carry, on the late game stage you should already acquire some good items and should be able to carry your team into victory. You have high damage, and also multiple illusions, so technically you will be able to deal tons of damage in every teamfight. Prepare for a big teamfight. Get ready to always metaporph and multiply yourself.
In a teamfight, always focus fire on enemy supports since it will be easier to kill them.

1. Starting Items
Quelling Blade: for easier last hitting
Stout Shield: to block some damage and makes you tankier on earliest stage of the game.
Tango: to refill your health

2. Mid Game Items

Power Thread: Gives additional attack speed and some Hp for your carrying duty. (can switch into int for additional mana and agi for additional attack speed)
Magic Wand: Can saves your life in a dangerous situation.
Ring of Aquila:: Gives some nice mana regen and additional stats
Drum: Gives some attack speed, and also movement speed. as well as gives some additional stats.

 3. Late Game Core items

Manta Style: Gives additional illusion to help you push and also great in teamfight.t
Skadi: Gives a powerful slower that makes enemy can't get away so you can kill them.
Butterfly: Gives additional attack speed, damage and evasion. Perfect item for agility carry in the late game
Satanic: Gives a nice survivability in a late game teamfight.

4. Situational
a. Radiance
If you have an enough space and time to farm, this iteam is a great choice for terrorblade. It gives an aoe of 40 dps for your illusions. With that you can push even faster and gets lots of farmability. 

b. SnY
Gives movement speed and also a slowing aattack. Very good for a carry. Will helps you in moving faster and slowing your enemy's movement speed. This item is an alternative for manta Style since the yasha is the same component.

Enemy to be aware of
1. Earthshaker
He counters you because he have Echo Slam. So he can destroy all of your illusions at once. So be careful of him.

2. Morphling
He have replicate to copy your illusion. And also he usually buys linken so you can't always use your Sunder on him.